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A prospect fills out the email form for the beta invite waiting list. That’s where the problem starts.

I am one of those people who like to discover new things. This means I am an early adopter, one of those who actually like products in beta. By definition, most folks who sign up for a product’s beta invite are early adopters too. They are eager to see this new thing. For example, I check Beta List to see what new cool products are coming up.

The problem is that they are eager to see not only your product. They joined waiting lists for at least other 5 startups, probably more.

So when you send the actual invitation for joining the beta, some 2 months later or more, I have no freaking idea about what your product is about. I forgot I ever saw it! And this is aggravated by the trend to name startups with completely random names, which are hard to know if they are a pokemon or a startup.

Solution? Please include in the beta invitation email an elevator pitch of what your product does. Maybe an explanation video or GIF of what I will get if I sign up.

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    • As soon as possible, but if you just capture e-mails and don’t talk to them, you are doing it wrong. Just talk to the ones who subscribed and check why they subscribed, why they need your product/service, how are they solving it now, etc. This will not only build a relationship, but will help a lot with building a product that people actually need.