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Rant about staying in a dead-end job

Forbes has an article named 10 Reasons To Stay At A Job For 10 Or More Years. I don’t have nothing against staying for a long time in the same organization (I spent 5 years in AIESEC and I only left because no one can stay there after 30). But I have everything against staying in a lame organization where you don’t experience flow, where you don’t feel engaged and where you are not learning.

The article is probably addressing the Gen Y trend of “job hopping”, but in a very sad way and without considering the why people leave their jobs for greener pastures. The article lists as reasons to stay stuff like “oooh, you will get better benefits”.

Are you kidding me?

Here is the deal: give me no benefits and a totally average salary in an organization that truly engages me and you will have my hard work and loyalty for life.

Teamometer, please get ready soon so we can help teams to experience awesome peak moments of flow that will engage every employee.

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